Why DIY Pool Surfacing?

Pool surfaces age. They become cracked, have blemishes, and rough spots. Pools need care, and you can Do It Yourself! As a pool owner, resurfacing or replastering is an indispensable part of overall pool care.

HydroBond is an incredibly effective and affordable product that is easy to apply. Once your pool is drained and prepped, you just need to mix up your first batch, roll it on, and spread it evenly with the blade trowel.

HydroBond and PoolPatch products help make being hands-on with your home or commercial pool a rewarding, independent experience with professional results!

HydroBOND and Poolpatch products are perfect for the hands-on pool owner looking to independently give their pool the care it needs!

Make Sure HydroBOND is right for your pool!

HydroBond needs to adhere properly to the substrate, so it will not work with painted surfaces or surfaces that have a non-standard treatment applied to them. Thermoplastic and Fiberglass surfaces are also unsuitable for HydroBond.

In cases where there is damage to the substrate or pool structure, consult a pool professional before moving forward with a DIY project. HydroBOND is for the waterproof outer layer of your pool surface only!