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HydroBond is an advanced roll on polymer-pozzolan plaster coating that can be shipped directly to your doorstep. Once mixed, your water-proof pool finish is ready to apply to your pre-prepped pool surface. Instructions for use are included in every order, and can also be downloaded here.

HyrdoBond is suitable for replastering, resurfacing, and repairing damage to your plaster or cement pools, as well as surfaces made of gunite, shotcrete, concrete block, or masonry cement.

Each kit contains enough HydroBond to cover up to 60 square feet of surface, although in some circumstances where high levels of damage exist, the exact amount of surface properly covered may be lower. Use our convenient calculator to figure out how many kits you will need.


Remember these images are not hydrated so actual color will be slightly darker when wet. There is a minimal additional cost for the color pigment kits.

At HydroBOND we understand how important it is to have the exact pool you want, whether it is your backyard spot for exercise, play or relaxation, a community gathering place, or your commercial pool. Plaster color can play a huge role in the appearance of your pool, so we offer 5 colors to choose from for your pool resurfacing project.

Do It Yourself pool refinishing enthusiasts of all skill levels enjoy the benefits of HydroBOND’s beautiful and unique color pigments all around the world. HyrdoBOND gives pool owners an affordable option for changing the appearance and quality of the pool surface. Just mix up a batch and roll it on!