The creators of HydroBOND are pool experts, and have specialized in home and commercial pool repair for 25 years in Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve used our knowledge and skills to provide “Do It Yourself” pool owners with an easy to use product with beautiful and professional results.

HydroBOND utilizes a simple three step process for those who need or desire to repair their pool themselves. Just mix up a batch, roll it on, and smooth it out!

From relaxing backyard retreats, to your poolside business affairs, HydroBOND equips you to make your pool surface beautiful and smooth.

We created HydroBOND because home pool repair isn’t always easy! We provide the supplies and tools you need to get your job done effectively and with ease. You’ll be swimming again before you know it!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason! We’re always happy to answer questions, make suggestions, and be your pool resurfacing and repair resource.

HydroBOND is proud to be part of the Pool Patch family of pool products. Pool Patch has been serving the DIY Pool Repair community since 2010. Our trusted products are available in hundreds of stores worldwide. Check out for more details.